Sara Chapra is the Co-founder & CEO of Carbon Events and a former partner at CKO, which is notorious for the annually held Karachi Eat Festival. A graduate from IVS, Sara’s experience in the event planning industry spans for over a decade. Be it. organizing corporate events, theme-based gatherings or adding flavor to traditional Pakistani weddings, Sara outperforms herself each time. Sara has produced some of the most imaginative and luxurious events. From the Night of the Thousand Candles to the Hollywood-Themed Party, from Prince of Persia and Sleepless in Karachi to the Midnight Circus, her portfolio oozes creativity and innovation.

Horror films and a bit of paranormal activity is dangerously exciting for her. If Carbon Events didn’t keep her too busy, she would be traveling around the world ( for more than 80 days ) ! You can view her complete portfolio here.